One nation under CCTV

Sabina a gasit un articol in slovena pe tumblr despre filmul Romanesc in care este pomenit si Dormi trezeste-te, cu un mic google translator iata ce a iesit:

“Ultra-independent film Sleep Awake (year 2012, directed by Andrei Stefanescu) is a classic example of contemporary Romanian cinema. Contemplative and monotonous in the best sense of the word. As is sometimes monotonous and routine life itself. Sometimes it seems that a man needs a boost, self-confidence, certainty and confirmation. Even a woman in the very introduction to this obscure film confesses his story. Long, nearly 15-minute-long continuous scene sets the beginnings of this piece of celluloid. Confirm speculation about seeking pleasure and challenge in life. Untitled half-naked woman is lying in bed and you ask questions. As in the confessional, the story comes from the camera and the viewer. He hates silence. I want it pulled, feels his skin and saliva that drips into her mouth, penetration, hard buttocks. The only goal in life is to fulfill her in the arms of another. Without pretensions, and sexual concerns. Skorajda raw, flexible in their sexual perversion. Ta monologue is full of questioning, denial and outright hatred. As if a man spits in the face, as it ignores own actions and body.
The entire film is made up of long, meditative scene, carrying the story, which is actually not at all. Slow cinema, realized in motionless silence, perceived views and gentle touch. Natural light from human skin makes Kingdom senses, which creates feminine beauty, even when reluctantly listen to her words and wonder at the fact that someone who has been in your life a bed of roses, so disdainful look at the world and people

around him . Beauty can be a curse, but it can open doors that remain closed to all others. But what when the doors are the gates of hell – the Internet. It seems that men and women are also knowledgeable on its platform. Maybe on some forum, maybe in a chat room or social network. His call was unexpected, a cross-section of the human sense of self-opinionated horror masochism. What follows is a mix of naturalistic play and interplay internalized dialogues and intimate meetings of two people. As mentioned – a man and a woman. Their dialogues are not hiding anything. Talk about the primal sexual instincts, which are easier to tell a foreigner, rather than special someone in your immediate vicinity. Bring us closer to seem coupled with erotic desire, which is closer to the Platonic erotic fantasy as a French kiss. Closer to an impotent chemistry between krasotico and humble jester with a curved hawk nose. Impossible pair by its cross-sectional obsession with pornographic sites. A honesty, that branch of the words, is laced with a spontaneous effusion of emotions that are reflected in learning about the man who did until recently represented only virtual friends. Dangerous Liaisons and Fatal Attraction? Obsession or indifferent relationship between two seemingly lost to two individuals? Who knows. Maybe the male abuser, be loving candidate for Marriott, maybe just for one night affair. This to the very end never find out, but then it’s too late for some. A strange and obscure film, a small miniature of human relationships, loneliness and the search for human closeness also a lack of conventional narrative, which turns into improvisation and back in a concise scenario achieves a sense of human fragility, impulsivity, and depravity of the modern world.”

Un articol care imi interzice sa mai zic vreun alt cuvint despre film. Absolut superb. Multumim mult mult de tot.

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