Administrative Help for open consciousness

I need someone to help me with some Administrative Help
because I am not good at it at all
I can’t make phone calls, I can’t set meetings and castings, I can’t deal with responses to ads, I can’t keep contact or initiate beautiful hangouts with actors and crew, I can’t look for marketing or PR.
and all of them are so so vital to any filmic endeavor.
I need someone that can understand Art for art sake, someone that is not against gay people and BDSM, someone that understands Performance Art and Zen philosophy.

It is such an immense pain not to be able to do anything because you can not connect.
My helplessness is not fully understood by me. It seems to be a forgotten trauma mixed with my fear of expectation from other and irrational fear of suspicion and misunderstanding.

There are no financial compensations. I don’t make films that would make money. I make films as medicine, as a floating device, as world and meaning to live into. 

Please help me make film.
Misunderstood film
Usless film
Bad, Ugly, Stupid film
Pretentious film
Sincere film
Experience film

I am dead without it.
‘I’ means – all of us, us within the I, the I of this world we try to set free.
‘I’ am one of those that work to open and widen new worlds. Utopias. Places without Evil. Open spaces of open heart of Open soul of open consciousness.

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