Nobody wants to watch a QualiaFilm – manifesto

Art is for people that have money, or act as if they have them. People that need more than utilities and comfort. People that need complex, esthetic and sometimes challenging new things.


Nobody that has money or wants them will watch a QualiaFilm because we can’t show them anything beautiful in our films, we use only leftovers, trash an worn out objects.
No one that fears, respects or believes in Church and its Laws, because we brake the laws of decency and respect to test our ideas, feelings and relationships out there in the ‘open space’.
No one that fights and work for their house, food, children and social status, because our characters always want to brake free from their 8 to 5 life. They all want to find the Other Life. Toe one hidden behind our minds.
No one that loves and yearns to win, to have, to power and control, because we hate competition, without it we can open new doors or perception.

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