Finish shooting #Beings

We finished shooting #Beings, it was an amazing extreme experience, every day on the verge of not making it at all. The people involved are magical people, every day of our almost 12 day of shooting I was amazed by their love and support of this project. Every day we had amazing luck and miracles wthouth which this project wouldn’t have been possible.
It seems that the miracle of the film poured outside into the world transforming it so that we can walk through.
Catalin Jugravu, Andeea Furrer, Doro Hohn, Elder Roche, Mario Janad, Jehona Jahaj, Piotr, Emma, Ralf, Ofir, Loni, and this amazing surreal place called Berlin, are all alchemical elements in creating #Beings.

From he beginning I wanted to be a magical film, and I tried not to just make it. But to find the place and time and people for it to fly. To break through the sky into another kind of reality. Outside reality. And it did. This film project proves that magic is all around us. And that we live in a continuous miracle. And that all we have to do is to search for it. Is not reason, not logic, but miracle. Amazing all inspiring surprising and ecstatic miracle.

This is my second film and the second time all this crazy amazing things connect and happen and wake us up and bring to us the bewildering fabric of reality.

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