Apologia I


Apologia is a series of small films based on a character named Preuss/Jake that decides to renounces his soul and gets an operation to do so. After waking up in an abandoned Locks he returns home to see if without soul life is different. If he can see or feel life in another way.
His first change is that he is not hungry anymore. And that he becomes very suspicious about the whole procedure of the Medical Removal of the Soul, because there is no difference.
So he wonders and wants to find out, what is in  the Jar that he has in his possession and in which he was told it is his soul.

The first film is about Jake waking up as the remembrance of Preuss and transforming himself through Otte, a girl that saves the waking bodies after the Soul Removal Operation, back into human social form.

The second is about Jake that has his first encounter with Sab, an old and problematic realtionship of his. An encounter that will open all the wounds of his life. In him. And in all the ones that he touched.

The of 7 are still in outline form, and might change at any time. So I will talk about them when I will fully write them.

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