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There are so much more important problems than the problems of the ‪#‎soul‬
Should we ignore them, of ignore the soul? Well…
I guess we should ignore the thing that gives one, the least amount of pain and trouble.
I often wonder if I would care for these stupid issues, if in my teens I would discover some kind of popular talent.
I guess those that have nothing, remain with only their soul. Or become savage impotent angry animals.

A true ‪#‎cult‬ movie never promotes itself, its just left for dead until it putrefies and after one or two generations is found again, now purified of all contextuality.
A true cult film is found through wandering. Wandering on the way.
It all comes from the belief that is direct communication is not necessary, that only by putting thing into existence, through consciousness into the meta will spread and fly into the world and rain onto everyone.
ie: Tibetan prayers, Monastic Christianity, Theravada Buddhism, Taoism.
There are some things that need to be told in ‪#‎silence‬.

Cind ma gindesc ca peste 40 de ani nu o sa mai inteleg nimic din lume, si ca o sa ma raportez la zilele astea si la lumea asta de acum. Silly.

Cinema is drifting out of Cinema
I am getting further and further away from Cinema.
I am starting not to understand it more and more.

Am I feeling right?
Am I feeling correct?
Am I feeling real?
Am I feeling like the others do?
Am I feeling good?
Or what I feel is just weird and …

Instead of art we can get a pet and a family, is much more easy and much more usefull. The insight is greater and at the end of life you are so much more accomplished.
Art is only for those few that dedicate their life to very organisational work and all else don’t have the time to truly get into. So they request help from the artists.
For the rest entertainment is all they want, because the philosophy and soul, they already have in their homes. Entertainment helps them with a little extreme experience wink emoticon for their life is so beautiful and balanced and meaningfull.

People prefer to be Alone than be around the Wrong People – people around whom they have to hide, people that will turn against them if they would find out the truth.
Find your people. Or dream alone.

I never made my mother prowd. Making my mother prowd always felt weird and wrong. Maybe thats why I dont have any knowledge or understanding for the normal ways of things.

How is that all sexual related things emancipates us so much? Why does sexual exploration enlighten us so much? How come it makes us so much understanding and tolerant? What is sex? What is the mind frame, the emotional frame of sex?

Goodbye Reality welcome Humanity
Goodbye Humanity welcome Reality

I am just a medium. Sometimes a translator. Film.

Becoming better usually means hiding the dirt. And anything left alone in the dark becomes alienating and histerical.
Becoming better should be about understanding dirt. About education of ones own dirt into light.

In essence all you want to do is help all human kind in better living their lives.
All humanity, not a child, not a mother, not a friend or a food and comfort provider.

Why does the Mob gives you so much power, happiness and feeling of freedom and independenc?

Is good to help others because you forget about yourself. About your own regrets, defects and promises. Feels goood.

Why do people ask God for help? What is this God that can comfort even the heaviest disease even the most painful despair? Weird. Fascinating.

Why Fantasy and not Reality?
Because Fantasy is the Ruler. Because only with fantasy we have transformed a tree in lumber. Only due to our fantasy we could cut the tree off.
Reality doesn’t exist.

Outside the Art World there is a very dangerous bloody jungle of human beings.
Creepy. Crippling feeling.
I guess that is why so many artists choose to play them and full them, and keep them in a suspended state until they can run away from there.
The Suspend of Disbelief theory.

Is not about becoming better, but the struggle about finding meaning in the ill faulty way we are [we have become][but perfect in our own eyes].
see the popularity of anger/frustration in the people vs the calm ones.
beware// new age is just another form of anger/frustration projection

When you realize for the first time, you have lost all connections with the mainstream, is an amazing feeling of awe and ecstatic dread.

Some try to become more real – some try to become more fake.

Normal People are on the verge of extinction.

What if…
there would be no fight anymore
no fight with the others
no fight with oneself
no fight with fears
no fight with desires
what if…
there would be only infinite reach of the soul
in one single infinite imaginary point of ‪#‎singularity‬

It hurts only for the contender to a Throne

the fake and frustration appears… because they want to sell.

Sometimes is better not to change. When the world keeps changing not for the better.
About my mother.

For me the Body it its most Open and essential form is the Sexual Body – the sexual fragility and defenceless. My question is how do we are, how can we ‘be, what can we ‘be’ in that kind of Sexual World. Why Society build itself over it. Why did it hide on it? Is our Evilness and Diseased kind of beings so powerful? So overwhelming that we are not able to extend to create our Purity?

Inside intimacy there is no place to hide.
No place to turn your back.
No place to step back.

Is there something that you wouldn’t do with yourself?
That you wouldn’t let to be done onto you?
What is it that keeps you blocked?

I can’t change the human nature.
I can’t even create a small space of fictional changed HN.
I’ve hit some basalt.

truth is traveling only through silence
fear is my sixth sense
I’ve forgot how I feel myself
death is the center of life
all chaos is organic
heaven is but an empty room

Are we humans? I hope not.

Towards Tolerance was always Intolerance

I always loved Abberation.

…but for something bigger than us – we are as unconscious as an apple

If you do it for the money, you make me make it for money.

The slow and the silent die.
The loud and the fast live.

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