Obscur – short log line and synopsis


It is a one hour long film called #Obscur, a film about a chance meet between an immortal suicidal man and a paranoiac raped woman. Each one trying to use the other into fulfilling their existential, life-threading need to give meaning to an obligatory existence. A Mare appears to disturb and brake open their obsessed hearts.

#Obscur – is a story about a girl – Clara – that goes back to her childhood friend that raped her because she can not live with the trauma of the past events. She wants to revive and sublimate those feelings of pain and guilt and fear. She wants to kill the person she became due to the rape. But the one she believes to be her rapist is an immortal suicidal man, that his mission is to help people transcend their own consciousness with the help of his so called wife – a Mare – a being that lost all consciousness and is pure perception and feeling she is the embodiment of a mirror, of an animalic purity. Together with her, Nuku the guy begins a relationship with the traumas and misconceptions of the girl Clara. Until Nuku allows or forces Clara to kill him during lovemaking. Everybody tries to save everybody else and they only succeed in tearing each other apart so that from the pieces to rebuild a new consciousness. A reborn Nuku, a transcendental Clara and a Mare that regains her humanity by becoming an embryo in Clara.
A violent body story about the necessity of rebirth. A visceral story about becoming.

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