July 2015 facebook notes and thoughts

I just had a dejavu with Ana P about the necessity of objectivisation. And also about the dilema about why people vilified it.
Objectification is one of the original TMs of human race.

I used to talk alone. Now it got to be an online talking. A video talking. Sometimes through others but is still talking alone. Talking for the pleasure of the idea and the act itself of talking. Of uttering in a belived reality something of you inner most.
I still believe that we have two outsides one in reality and another in interiority.
I guess it is a circle somehow.

Civilisation is the product of OCD obsessions in people.
For the rest of us there is only freedom and existence.
Poverty, insecurity and lack of soap.

Sub orice critica,
that is the place I want to be.

We use soap in our desperate desire to become humans.
Our life project is to be recognized and legalized as humans.

I’ve never met a true artist.
I am living in fake and mediocre.
Is all I know, all I feel all that concerns me.

People can’t believe in a religion with all their heart, can’t respect a system of law and order, can’t trust their own pleasures and fears, because all that they believe in is the all powerful deep and unconscious Gene – that is why in anthropology there is an oral unknown all powerful law, called the law of the land.
‪#‎Genes‬ are out most intimate guides and friends. They are our God and wisdom and truth. They are the only one we should trust.
Consciousness is too young in comparison. Is too wild and puerile. Gene’s Way is the Tao.
Consciousness will never be able to rewrite the Genetic code. It can only Scramble it, a bit. All modifications end in Death.
Genes self protection. They order suicide when they feel a strange force conquering their perfection.
Genes never experiment, never try things, they are all knowing all controlling, all perfect.
These days consciousness is their main enemy. Our lives are all developing in the middle of this total war.
Genes vs Consciousness.
Old vs Young.
Known vs Unknown.

Please learn to tolerate the untolerant, otherwise your fight for tolerance is only a lie.

Sincerity is so difficult to reach it has become a sign of greatness.
For all the other good people is only the ‪#‎exercise‬ of rule, rigor, structure and empathy.

Cristi Puiu is lying, he should be at least honest about that. Alexandru Solomon or Lucia Hossu Longin are better at Cristi Puiu that Cristi Puiu himself.
Why does he do films?

Knowing is fast
Learning is slow
Understanding scares

Nature kills itself
We are part of nature
And we cant talk to her, there is no one there to understand why she does it.
It is in our nature – and these days our nature is wrong – and we dint know why.
Nature is a dieing suferind. All we can do is try and understand why.
Nature got suicidal. It invented humankind.

I am just a sign

Gay should remain underdog and marginal and the state should help them.
Please don’t let even the Gay, the last freedom fighters, to become just another boring normal man/woman.
Without someone to fight for sexual freedom this world will collapse.
Fighting for LGBT rights is a pure cause, it should never end. It is better than religious fights or race or ethnic fights for tolerance and freedom.
Don’t make Gay Bourgeois, they are fighters. The true revolutionaries.

My most successful activity is by far gay artistic erotica.

Normality is just a particular type of trance.

Never ask for nothing, do only with what you have, and always give give give.
Otherwise ‘they’ will eat your soul.

The solution to all is to disconnect
When i go home i disconnect
Is not to fight to acquire what you need to feed the comfy but to disconnect from the innitial pain
To find a way, a process, a ritual, a method to disconnect
Disconnection is not into less but doxocally is always into hing more, sonethu deeper.
I guess my main theme is Disconnection – first through death – then through light and divinity – linear a through music and special living – yka through becoming a different species – Obscur through repatterning – apologia looking for disconnection.

Poverty creates neurosis.
Because poverty can no longer provide meaning and life fulfilling experiences.
The art of living in poverty is long gone.
It is am extinct species. Killed by industrialization.
But knowing it once existed, we in our post-industrial age, try to revive it.

I believe in the divine spark of the illiterate.

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