January 16 facebook notes

I was born lucky.
When I was a child there was nothing ugly in the world.
But with time I learned about beauty and all went wrong.
Beauty is a tirany

Life is a full time job.
And you can’t take any day off.

Be careful what you create
For surely people will use it to do wrong.
[thinking about american fast action and TV editing]

I am more and more convinced that the outer shell is made out of anger fibers. It is not possible otherwise.
Even humor is anger based.

If you think about it is sooo soo strange that God spoke words to people. That He used language. That he needed to influence directly the frail human consciousness.
Is weird because of God gave all things genes smile emoticon and we can see that people, most of us, live without consciousness but more with a raw inventivity.
So for God to send laws and emotional advice is wayyy to weird.

Is like in the movies 1 hero and 99 weirdos.
All wanting to be heroes.
Thinking about actors and their lust for heroism. I love those that know the percentages.

Does anyone knows some infos about alternative indie film distribution word wide?
On a micro to no budget?
Thank you soo soo much.
Any little lead would be amaziing.

The universal language of story is Life Threat.

Is not WHAT that is important,
but so much more HOW and WHY.

Does it worth doing anything for humans?
We do it for the idea of human.
We just mark human experience.

Happiness is the most facile way to oppose fear.

Is weird, is actually Culture and not Reality is embedded in us and how we decode and put meaning on things.
All those that live in Reality are actually dangerous outsiders.
As I suspected, Humans always have this anti-reality drive.
And reality is to be desired only in anti-cultural movements and discontent.
For a short time.
For what any anti-cultural movement seeks, is just another form of fleeing from reality.
So enjoy.
Reality is for suckers, losers and bums.

If you feel you don’t understand some kind of art, remember there is
Political Art
Social Art
Cultural Art
Academic Art
Psychological Art
Emotional Art
Intimate Art
Irrational Art
Magic Art
Metaphysical Art
Abstract Art
Conceptual Art
and many more
any kind is either part of the human being or in a relation with it.
If you don’t get it, ask yourself, what kind of art is it
and you will find a Blind Spot in your perception.

Don’t forget that Taste eventually becomes Rule then Law then Tradition then Sediment.

Culture = a network of myths, that creates the identity of a people.
The Identity is necessary to be conscious and transmisibile from generation to generation.
Those without this network are just chaotic masses of individuals.
And some know that without a binding Culture, nations are easy to be conquered. Culturaly. Mythical.
So be aware why some countries don’t invest in their own culture. smile emoticon
I myslef write in english. Mostly think in english. And i am not english. And i dont live in England.
I am a double binded outsider. Chaotic. So easy to be controled.

Fighting for Truth is always cripling and damaging.
Why Truth is always the underdog? The danger? The threat?
Why is it so unpractical for society? Why our lives and systems can exist and flourish only in deception and cowordly compromise?
[about human nature and human’s innate dissonance]

Have you ever had the desire to be the Enemy of something?
[about tolerance and about how we never feel as the villan but fighters for a righteous cause]

Psychology is an open cultural form, just as language.
It doesn’t impose rules on the human psyche.
It just adapts to the everchanging human inner experience.

Reason by itself is fucked up.
Soul by itself is fucked up.
All types of purity are dangerous.

I guess we become Existent only when we enter the money flow.
All that is below it, is not existent, is not human, is not real.
Unfortunately mworld is so narrow, so small.

Why do we love precision?

Imi plac oamenii timizi si sensibili,
desi mai violenti, dificili si imprevizibili
sint sinceri si mari cautatori de adevar.

Never go East.
East is Evil.

Its about sustainability of ‪#‎hope‬.
Losing hope makes you a ‪#‎villain‬.

Paul, how do you express you anger?

Paul? How do you fight back?

How do you destroy le mal?

Catharsis ?
Catharsis is sooo soo bullshit.
Like, let’s create a fake problem for you and then we fix it for you and voilaaa Catharsis.
But well, tickling is such a proto …

Noi credem in ‪#‎prostii‬

I’ve always refused the artist’s explanations about his own work.

Love is a ‪#‎Vice‬

When silence is not an option,
things get crazy,
things become unbearable,
that is when violence gives birth.

What I do is like fire walking.

The art of asking for help.
[and how counter human nature that is]

Art doesn’t talk about Art.

People become groups with their heart, never with their reason.
Reason keeps us alone and sad.
Heart makes us extremely happy and complete and extremely angry and conflicted and keeps us in ignorance and bliss.

The education of pleasure.
The sublimation of pleasure.
Not regulation of pleasure.

Dreams are not information
and Information is not a dream.

Objects are not concepts
and concepts are not objects.

By the way, is there anyone, out there, that understands a little what I am doing here?
Just tell me I am not mad,
Just tell me I am not completely wrong,
Just tell me I am not evil,
Just tell me it serves some small human purpose
Or not.

In order to understand one another and become brothers
we need to be afraid of the same thing
we need to feel the same threat
the same metallic taste of ‪#‎fear‬.

Alone, facing nature, you understand Reality.
After that we begin to grasp our human heritage, our human connection.
And then we begin to understand optimism and peace.
Truth and Freedom are only momentary states of disconnection.
Truth and Freedom is destructive.
Destructive of the conscious, of the Human.
I guess we are humans to experience ‪#‎equilibrium‬,
and its mysterious qualities and necessities.
Equilibrium and Range.

The day an artist dies – all his art should, by law, become free of charge – total gratuit forever.
Any further sales for money should be punished by law.
You filthy shitty fuckers. You filthy buyers. Keeping alive artists in poverty and hunger, in hate and underground despair. Killing artist so that with your money to exchange their deaths through their art.
You low low looow human beings.
That is how value is made. That is how culture is formed. On hate, despair and theft.
Culture is nurtured through corpse eaters.
And you all believe yourself to be righteous and soo smart and cultured and human leaders.
You killers. You sadists.
Poor whore artists – and big pedophile sadistic “art-lovers” eating their souls. Trading with their souls.
Praising their names and work and peeing on their bodies and lives.
Yeeiii, long live art.
The most inhumane path of the soul.
You filthy filthy motherfuckers.
You’ve spoiled all possibility for truth.
All truth has become pennies.

I am always very far from the action.
Even if it is close, the colectiv fire the dead man on the street, my fathers death, I take the far away distance as it would happen in America or in Asia or in another time frame.
Because close the things are too hot. Lose their context and lose their historicity and spacial context. Lose their simple truth. Their cold truth.
I am always atonal.
Always against death and its tragedy.

After a while people start doing anything just not to care, not to care anymore, about self, about life, about death, about regrets and fails.
After a while people crave for any little chance to escape caring for self and others.
Getting numb, fucking it all, being free for a short while.
That is art.

Why do we forget about the zero?
Why do we choose to start counting from 128?
Hoe did we came to choose to ignore, be away, against zero?
Being forgetful about zero, about all that is until 128, doesnt our ignorance create a lie?
Is like believing that there is no body because it is clothed. And acting as it doesn’t exist. No food, no cold, no pain, no perception.
And creating a world view based on an imposed blindness, and some will start to really believe, and then they will truly forget there is a body, and some will even fight against anyone saying there is such a thing as a body.
Why do we forget about life? How we forget?
I begin too suspect fault play from our educators.
Freedom is for the few. Our society is for serving the richer one. It’s ways needed pasionate functional people. Cultural, emotional, methodical, believing, envolved in the mechanism, people to waste their lives in the machine.
There is no more choice, it became all an enormous inertia.
And they can’t trust conscious choice. They need instinctive choice. Because conscious choice to dedicate o self to a social system….. Nobody would do it.
So they keep us dormant. Lingering in a limbo. Helping us waste our useless Lives.

Today I understood the enormous drama of Woody Allen, condemned to make films that he hated all his life.
You can see how in all his films, there is a small thin line of his soul and all the rest is nothing but junk for producers and film critics.
He is a failed genius.
His life a huge huge fake construction of motivating a lie. Out of his fear of death, out of his fear of being taken off the stage of being a director.
Ugly, very very ugly.

Why do people look down on naivety?
Naivety is pure soul. It doesnt matter any of the world’s perversions and evilness.
It is better to die than to fight to win over those that know about life.
Naivety is a great frame of mind that allows one to identify fakeness and decitefull motives.
It is so difficult to regain your naivety once you closed up your soul to protect your skin.

God is such a beautiful, amazing collaborative invention.

For those that don’t believe in love…
the ones that learned one time in their lives not to trust anyone, never.
the ones that live in a constant painful paranoia.
the ones that only believe in evil.

Love your enemies
I guess enemy was poorly translated,
is not enemy as its more – those you organically dislike or fear.

Beware! not all of us feel reality in the same way.
If we look alike doesn’t mean we feel the same.

In films we cherish more the Image than reality.
And usually a messy painful absurd reality is necessary for a beautifull truthful Shot.

Romanian actor doesn’t believe in ‪#‎cinema‬.
He thinks it is an accepted absurd monstrosity.
The moving image is an abomination that separates people and brainwashes them.
All that can have a meaning is the direct contact of actor and spectator. Is the direct experience.
But direct experience is just a dream – a desire of artists – it doesn’t exist, or better said – direct experience is a very subjective ‪#‎experience‬.

Fighting Destiny is so fffffff painful.

The art one makes tells about, what the artist, believes humans are.
Like Freud, essentially evil.
Like Dostoievski, essentially wicked.
Like Tarkovsky, pure and mysterious.
Like Pintilie, hopeless but living.
Like Peckinpah, not worthy of the amazing gifts we got inside.

thinking about the body – a foreign body?
anyone interested in the wasp residence?
the body, the sexuality, explored through image vs real
reality doesn’t really exist – even when using the body
let’s search for reality – for existence – through object, through objectifying life itself
time, breathe, space, soul, word, heat, smell
all translate into objects
living objects
what is body?
is the only thing we cannot change as fast as we change ourselves.
it is a constant burden that we try to hide because it only reminds us of our true identity – an identity and the context of our physicality.
the way others interpret us.
And that is the true way we ‘are’ as seen by others.
The eternal battle between how we see and how they see. And the eternal choice – to chose how to look upon yourself. As you – with all your inner mysteries – or as the others around you – towards you have so many times and responsibilities.

A face is a mirror
In a face we can see the infinite
We can lose in awe
And suddenly wake-up
For a brief moment

Narrative perfects the sense of an ending by returning to problems
or dilemmas posed at the beginning and resolving them. Narratives
resolve conflict and achieve order.

I feel we are all interconnected
Unfortunately we are not
I still cant google in your soul
With my inspiration

People don’t like to be human. It is pejorative to be so. It is a regression.
People want to be Gods – tend to become perfect. Which they are not.
Perfection is a lie. Perfection and beauty is a mask.
Humanity is a dangerous philosophy because it supposes that humans are underneath gods and perfect. Which we are not.
Humans are not animals but tend to be.
And are not Gods neither thou they try to be.

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