Apologia v7 synopsis

It all starts by looking down in deep waters and we see the title shining on the murky water. All of a sudden a white figure comes towards, us, towards the surface and comes out of the water. It is Jake. He swims to the shore where Gamma a little skinny girl is waiting. Jake comes out of the water but has no contact with Gamma, is like they are both unknown to eachother. And then we see trees moving in the wind, and big water flowing, and clouds and fog moving. In a dark room Otte is washing her paralyzed mother Imola. Near the bed on a simple chair there is the Professor, the confessor and adviser of Otte. The professor talks with Otte about living alone, and why it is impossible form Ottes body and mind. She wants to lose herself into another.
In the same night, in another part of town, Jake is working on 3 big monitors, at his research desk. Looking for something, trying to entangle an immense theoretical and scientific discovery. He thinks, he is bored, He works with passion. He lies on the floor. He throws papers away. In a dark corner of the room very quietly is Gamma. She ask Jake about why is she there, and they talk about the difference between object and vibrant presence. About a third existence.
Jake is sleeping and a computer message is waking him up and scares him. It is his friend Phil, also a scientist, that confirms him that his findings about a Global Magnetic Shift and thus physical laws in continuous change are correct. Phil invites Jake to come to their lab and work on it. Phil also confirms that the Shift is changing people’s behaviors and makes them weirder and more violent. Jake responds that he needs to save someone first, then he will go to them.
Jake goes to Otte’s home where she very hardly lets him in. She thought he was dead. She was just preparing herself something very raw and bloody thing to eat. He doesn’t want. They talk about their love for each other and how they keep it hidden. And how each one wants to become the other. Jake is let to stay only for one night. Otte calls the Professor and tells him that Jake is back. They make love. And while they have sex, Jake sees in her a sort of Trance that transforms her in a kind of Oracle. She speaks in a weird language for such a brief moment.
Next day, Otte is away with work and two Priests knock at the door. Jake naked sees them and to defy them opens the door to them. As the Priests its the Professor and Gamma. Jake doesn’t know either one of them. They talk about their new religion and the fact that they know about the Twisting of the Spirit of the World and that is why they will leave soon. Jake appreciates at them the complete passivity in front of death, he plays with a knife at the neck of one of them, and the fact that their discipline showed them what he found through science.
After they leave, Jake sees Imola’s room and enters. He looks at her and softly touches her. It all becomes an almost erotic touch of him with the paralyzed lady. He caresses her neck her face, her breasts and under the cover to her genitals. he kisses her skin, her cheek, her forehead. There is an almost spiritual communion between them. Her mouth slightly opens. But her eyes keep open and frozen.
We see masses of birds and insects, masses of animals moving together in nature as smoke, as fluids, changing and revolving.
Otte comes back from work, she is exhausted. The world is going crazy, people fought in the metro. She tells Jake not to leave, because he is giving her so much peace. She tells him that they should leave. But there is nowhere to go. Jake tells her that he is sure something will happen. some enormous change will happen and they will travel without moving. She tells him he is crazy. And they again make love. And again Jake sees in her something weird during sex. A great transformation in her in her ecstatic moments. Like an out of body experience but in reverse. Like an implosion off all and a clearing of all in her body and face. Something real.
Next day at her work the Professor is there. He takes a coffee. And invites her to come with him. She can’t. He cuts his right side of the throat. Blood spills everywhere. Otte keeps on asking panicked, why why why? I feel like it says very peacefully the Professor/Priest. Imola is not in her bed. Otte kneels beside the blooding Professor as she were in her Oracle trance.
She is now back home. Jake looks at her how she has become someone else. She acts as an Oracle as the Professor maybe. She tells him how she felt like braking through herself and how now she feels different. And how she wants to help him. Because that is the real reason she sees in him, for him being there. Not love for her, but salvation for him.
And we see masses of people moving, stumbling all over each other. Riots, panic, natural disaster.
Imola come out of abandoned concrete enormous toxic pool. Outside it there is Gamma. Imola doesn’t remember anything about herself, she is not hungry, she feels as she was flying all the way here. She speaks of eating nectar from the top of your mouth. Eating love. Gamma wants to know how it is that possible, she wants to do it as well. Imola enters her body through her foot sole and they go into another world where step by step Gamma is reduced to nothing.
At Gamma’s home. Imola is still absent as being away from her world. Like disconnected from her world. They drink their morning coffee. She tells Imola her dream. But Imola is not listening. Gamma asks if she could undress Imola today.
Otte appears to Imola and she frightens. Otte begins talking to Imola and Gamma even if she is the same room hears nothing, sees nothing. Is like Imola and Otte are in another world. Otte cuts Imola’s clothes while Gamma asks Imola about her memories, about her first memories in the world. Imola first speaks of nothing and black, then of an accident when she was 5 years old and all the boat she was on sunk with dozens of people.
After getting all naked Imola enters a trance where she is with Otte outside life – are we alive,no not yet. And then suddenly.
A pink and white beautiful and voluptuous Atomic Bomb goes off. The total war begins. But in beauty and silence. There is nothing violent about this Apocalypse.
Otte and Imola, outside all reality are alone in a beautiful forest where they have an imaginary picnic. They talk about the innocence of peasant girls and the fear of man’s penetration. Them two build a small fire and they play with it.
We see skin and details of one body movement. Inside human. Micro human.
Until it becomes a white body choreography in an empty white space, something like an abandoned building. Something without a recognizing shape, neither nature neither human. Ruins of an old mind.
Her dance creates, and step by step we see from above how a white darkness transforms from nothingness back again into form and nature and living matter. And we enter a city on a mountain where at a terrace Jake and Gamma order. Jake for the first time is hungry. They talk about that the world never dies. It only revives itself. No matter what. No matter what.

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