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you first do your art with the ones you fuck with
then you do it and with the ones they fuck
and if lucky one of all these people has some money
or fucks some art dealer
or some critic
or some media mogul
or some royalty
and your art becomes art

from now on
please replace the word
with the word

you should start learning what you are
and quit trying to be what you want

my words are objects
crafted materia
to your breath

contemporary art
is only for those that refuse organised religion, organised education and organised knowledge
organised working life, organised social life, organised love life

why is the body more important than the mind?
because the mind you can kill time and time again
the body only once
the body is closer and more attentive to experience and life, than the mind
the body is real
the mind is not
the body is silent
the mind is not
that is why I am so interested in the body and not in the mind
not in socials
or politics
they all flow out of body and our relationship with our own, and with the other’s

what should one do with light
if not to shine it into darkness?

don’t touch only my safe side

the film has to be edgy enough
to go beyond rules and norms
but yet not so far away
that you don’t find people to collaborate with
and yet far out enough to be sell-able

de abia astept
soon God will be as transgresive
as sex.drugs.cyber-techno-punk culture
and then it will really work

most people hate themselves
most people don’t want to live
most people fear and fight to keep their unconscious closed – their true emotions and traumas
and they’ve even made laws, rules, beliefs and sins against them
so those that open their hearts, they do it through force and braking laws
which is dumb and unhealthy
that is why I do the films I do
that is why I try the projects I try
that is why I go in the red limits of the human

don’t leave with pain inside
don’t fear yourself
don’t hate yourself
open up with all your ugliness
to the art
and it will be washed away
but the most difficult step
the first
is to accept
that you are not a golden perfect
rugh on the edges
and you will never be
but that you are human
and an amazing huge universe
of imperfections and wonders

I love you,
I can be around you, as when I am alone,
no fear, no desire,
only effortless love

jealousy its a reaction to death

death of the one you saw yourself in the other’s eyes
accepting death is difficult
accepting death is necessary to breathe life
protecting yourself from death, you just live in a death driven world
antideath is not life
and unfortunately the body and consciousness is organically fighting death – any kind of death or loss
and the thing that we create an extended self, through another person, is very very weird and absurd. it actually tells us amazing things about the malformed instinctive apparatus we have inside. pretty dumb and blind.
so beware and don’t stack up erroneous biases, only out of emotional comfort, bliss or deep meaning.

I hate to feed conformism,
Is disrespectful to human life
to treat people as evil brainless pigeons.

get your soiled shoes off
and leave them outside
when you enter sacred ground

everything is leasure

I am the only one,
crazy enough
to take myself

people are usually appreciating
things ideas beauties emotions
that I despise
and I appreciate
they despise

driving and automobiles are so archetypal
such a great insight in human nature mechanics
translation of first meaning
misunderstanding of others intentions and choices
asphalt as rational/normative comunal path for str8 emotional support

its not about loving the other
for love is always turned on
towards all things and beings
is about getting it through all the barriers
and connecting it with the other’s love
and keeping it connected
inspite of all obstacles and dangers and accidents and destruction and war
and confusion and misunderstanding and traumas and fears and abuse
and fakeness and lies and desire and pride

hetero and gay
are only extremes
most people I see
are neither one

Some people only see objects
I only see spaces

I always talk about things without saying much.

Fucking doesn’t have 10points for me
but 2, maybe 3
as a hug, a friend, a walk in the parc.

poetry is good
but don’t use it on the streets
you’ll feel the wrath of reality
keep it only for the books

do you face me with your tough side
or with your soft side?

im shy because when I am not
im destructive

i have a inner motto when working with other people:
try and understand
and see the good side
of what the other said… or done
or didn’t

assume less, wonder more

I can feel there is something wrong with you
but I can’t know the source of it
is it me? is it you? is it something unknown? is it organic? is it mental? is it desire? is it soul pain? lets find out. lets try and put it on the karma train. lets find its place in our destiny. and scientifically look at it from our radiation safe distance.

wanting and… doing it
is always separated
by a K2 peak
never confuse one with the other
never ignore the pain danger and struggle of crossing mountains
and never forget the feeling of reaching the summit

it doesn’t really matter what you do [what your take upon things is]
but only how its understood by the people
I found out that the ways of understanding
are pretty lame and stupid
people look in anything new, for their old and known
and judge it and interpret it and consume it and use it, thusly

and why?
because all that is new somehow, all that is different
contains in it the threat of killing[transforming] the old
killing the one that is
and towards death – people have an organic existential bias

so much so
that even in very crippling diseases and handicaps
people struggle to live
even if one has a very toxic disease
he will struggle to live, in spite of everybody else’s well being.

Brancusi represents so well the archetype of the Romanian artist in the world.

A peasant that wants to seduce the aristocracy in the civilized countries with his raw pure art.
And its very interesting that the world really aspects raw purity from our marginal archaic culture.
That is how I would explain the natural urban minimalism of our national cinema and it alure in the world.
So if you want to do something for the international market, as a romanian, think #brancusi . It helps.
and there is another romanian sculptor, in wood, in Germany, also vvvv famous – with weird geometrical constructions very archaic and rural out of romanian traditional culture
eliade, cioran, Ionesco were all outsiders that in somehow seduced the aristocratic world – the Rasputin syndrome

there is no equanimity out there
there is only indifference
another beautiful concept stolen and turned against its purity

stop using new words for the same old things
its confusing

“I wouldn’t be able to make it, but I would consume it.”
about the past way of things when 90% of things were made by the person himself to eat, use and wore. now that relationship is broken.

I love the way we don’t speak when we meet.
I love the way we tell all our stories only in our online life.
I love the way there is no connection between them.
Our bodies are free from our stories.

only through the mother tongue you can experience the deepest reaches of experience and shared perception – vocal, literary
the deepest most embracing sinking into the consciousness timeline even into preconsciousness
language creates consciousness
language imprints experience into time
through out mother language only we can rewind into origins
into non-conscious
into that which ‘is’ in its non-existential way
into that world of #enoen

we preach angels
and act like vermin
if we choose to work about purity
let’s act and be pure
not just talk
first learn to be
than talk it
not the other way around

I’ve been raped and abused by reality since a small child
I fought it and blamed myself for it.
And step by step I begin to understand it and even fight to learn to love it
Against all my fear, rage and pain. Against all my better judgment.

hand made, amateur, faulty happiness
I love

goodness is an artificial creation of mankind
remember that when you are hurt by someone
remember that when you react with anger
or disbelief
or condescending
and make the human effort to be good
is natural to hate and to revenge
that makes the idea of losing faith in humans – absurde
as well as the idea of love

all teenage rebellion
is financed by conformists parents
so in order to maintain ‘love’, parents pay for their angry, hateful, in your face, fuck it all attitude of a children. weird.

we don’t need art
we just need a little bit of drugs
same effect,
only faster, deeper, richer, colorful and through all our walls
understanding, meaningful, wholesome, revealing, ecstatic
art is sooo soo lame
when you got drugs
art is only the reminder of drug wisdom and revelation

live short
but full

our society is based on those that want,
those that jump and grab
and they are not always the best people around, to create

people who get bored easily
scare me terribly

acting is like smoking salvia divinorum

you can be anything and do anything
as weird and bad possible
is all ok for me
as long as under it all
there is a pure drive and motive

modern art is like porn
nobody likes or understands it
but if one gets in contact with it
is irresistibly powerful and meaningful

I didn’t know that people don’t really differentiate
between the real, belief and the desirable in their minds
shiit, that is a big problem
now I have to be careful at their delusional reality as well

people love dressing up
but I believe, undressing is a much more important exercise
towards any kind of fulfillment

making the art is the easy part
sharing it with others is the difficult part of the deal

your art, represents the way you want life to be

my only problem
is that all i want
is to be
a pure artist.
only that…

the recurent gang/mafia social system and belief and conceptual existential way
i tend to believe its a natural human tendency
ie: military

art doesn’t reflect upon reality
but on its inner instruments and inner world

threading a path
steps on a lot of plants
beware of the revenge of plants

art functions as unorganized religion
not as a commercial company
it doesn’t offer synthetic products that satisfy basic needs
but keeps open and present our connection with the spiritual
that is the most important thing that separate art from other forms of inner social creativity and stylisation of life

when #art becomes more about #explaining the art
or when art is too obviously selfexplanatory

if our stupidity is valued
we happily sell it big
if our genius is slandered
we righteously slander ourselves
so… who’s right?
who have you chose to be?

my sexual orientation is confusing
confusing those around

when you find the explanation
things lose their charm

let’s create more than dreams

the world is won not in one
not in two
but in minimum 3
when 3 people become one
all the world gives birth

you didn’t want to make deep depressive challenging films with me
you didn’t want to make creepy photos with me
you didn’t want to make artsy porn with me
do you wanna make alt comedy with me?

peace is artificially maintained

for all of you out there that saved my life over and over again and keep on doing it

I thought people are naturally buoyant

object art is craft
human art is sacral art
it creates new worlds
new emotions
new ways of perception
of understanding the other
objects only feed the self
in human art we can use people as objects
living pulsating reacting creating
human art is a rapport
is a mirroring
object is only a defense
human art changes the world inside
it helps us transgress faulty ideas of solitude, of fear, of need
sublimation into a poetic unknown

the fallacy of sex is in its goal
[see chain of necessities below]
chain of necessities:
porn came from the necessity of the body
body came from need of a direct present perception
present came from sincerity, truth, reality
truth came from the dual conceptual dream consciousness theoretic fabric of life belief
that came form the rift between inner and outer mechanics
that came from the necessity of fake social rules and regulations
that come from the clogging of reality and human nature
out of moral and emotional control and conceptualization
that came out of raw blind instinct
which is body and sexuality
which is vibrantly alive and communal
transcending thought and consciousness
personal and social in the same time
one and multiple in the same time
that came out of the necessity of breaking away from social norms and mores
from the world
out of the necessity to see the world from outside, out of the immersion
out of the necessity to understand the fishtank
because of the need to understand the importance and meaning of the things as they are in the world
and in the humans
out of the need to know why we are as we are
why we do what we do
why we feel and desire as we do
why we react as we do
from the need of purpose of living
from the need of purpose of identity and persona
from the need of fulfilling life steps
all from the silent fullness of nothingness
and the question
why should one choose to live, when nothingness answers all problems
i.e: our innate minimalism and general lack of interest in anything complex or complicated

i am a solitary herbivore

you either risk your life
either your identity
either your sincerity and values
either your desires
or pain
but you have to risk something
without risk there is no reason
without reason there is no story
without story there is nothing

always keep one step in the unknown

If you have never needed to overcome
a daily great impairing defect to have at least a normal life?
please, shut the fuck up
u know shit

98% advice
1% help
1% love

but what is the meaning of #sex
I never understood it

and for the #unlucky ones
is consciousness
reason and resonance
systems patterns objects
life affirming
helping each other
in the existential awe and meaningless
of a common man life

the #lucky ones are magnetic
it matters not their persona
their faults and virtues
their good or evil
as long as they are magnetic
and are true to themselves
and create out of themselves
people will follow them to feed from them
be it medicine or poison
a sweet animal fallacy.
magnetism is not built in
its organic by birth
there is no way to educate it
only to destroy it
in oneself
“the unwilling saints”

a good person is tolerant with those people and things that annoy him terribly
he doesn’t show his rage in any way
he is even helpful and friendly
and he wonders in the ways his own rage blossoms so violently
and reacts so overwhelmingly

making the outside to become an inside

artsy porn or comedy
are my only connections with the normal world
of visual consumption and entertainment

let’s make a collective tumblr together

and when everything you do it is good
among love driven people

when everything you do is wrong

“I live a successful life of rules and regulations
the best ones
the most expensive ones
they made me great
the best
respected and desired
beautiful, amazing, luminous
in honorable service of humanity”

is not liking others
is coping with their hamartia
what unites us
is our hamartic relationships

i really belive
in my unconscious self lie and deceive
that with my work
i really really help people
and that gives me great satisfaction
and strength and passion and conviction
to sacrifice continually for it
its a weird and creepy system
of fake perception and understanding
that sustains life
lies that feed a truth
fakeness that consolidates truth
for all we need
is just a sense of purpose and meaning
whatever that it may be
real of fake
good or bad
healthy or sick
its our only #true inner drive

was there, ever, in mythology
a great great war
between men and women
a terrible bloody war
where women were decimated?
and since then, out of fear
of their power
were kept low and mistreated?
educated as slaves and child bearers?

actually I am wrong about everything
my mind is based on belief and desire
reality is too far away for me

the body brakes apart food into nutritious vs useless or harmful parts
it brakes apart to construct
to maintain purity and its permanent becoming
that is what art does too

you can hide behind others
you can hide behind your persona
behind your clothes
behind your body
even behind your sexuality
you can hide behind anything remotely material
remotely in existence
that is why truth and freedom
is beyond all that
[about our amazing powerful instinct to hide is 1000 times more powerful than the sexual one]

films are like tattoos
they remain for life
be careful what you draw in yourself

have you ever refused a #job
to make your non-profit #art?

idilic ideals?
oh no, please no

we all know life is shit
a stupid long life battle fight struggle for nothing real, actually
all we need to do is to get out of the system
of the outer systems
out of the inner system we grew in
and build our own
apart from any centralized one
build your own human nature
without lies, without secrets, without fights

from what age did you begin to want to be dead
how did you practiced it?
*Ker Abrades – 19.. mentally enacting it (sometimes more than a couple dozen times a week) until it conveyed a sense of liberation from the dead ends I couldn’t turn my back on in reality. The frequency started decreasing as I began regarding my self as a eulogy for lost opportunities. I’m used to dying along with the essential in my relations. To me, vitality is scarce where there is little room for reversibility. In time, my ideations fueled a urgent and vertiginous drive to incorporate a touch of utopian liminality in all that emanates from me, so that it allows a kind of transitional place of refuge for all that didn’t survive into the present. It takes tremendous daily effort not to lure myself into its seeming tragedy and not extinguish its mirrored candour. Damn, I really let myself go there, sorry. Thanks for asking.

Science tells us with some precision that the universe is 26.8 percent #dark matter, 68.3 percent #dark energy, and only 4.9 percent ordinary matter, but must confess that it doesn’t really know what dark matter is and knows even less about dark energy. Science is increasingly pointing toward an infinite universe but has no ability to explain what that really means. Concepts such as time, space, and even causality are increasingly being demonstrated as meaningless. – Beyond Biocentrism

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