CASTING pentru CAMERAMICA nobudget lung metraj

#CASTING pentru proiectul microbudget Camera Mica – un proiect de film underground de lung metraj produs de Qualiafilm scris si regizat de Paul┬áStefanescu
15zile de filmare la inceputul lunii Iulie in Bucuresti

Camera Mica este proiectul care dintre cele multele pe care am incercat sa le promovez si-a gasit un minunat co-producator care aduce intreg echipamentul, locatiile, masinile din film si multe obiecte necesare din scenografie si chiar ceva fonduri si ajutor pe partea de postproductie.
Si desigur, chiar cu tot acest minunat ajutor, tot avem nevoie de ajutorul si suportul vostru pe partea de promovare si distributie/promovare mai apoi.
Si acesta este si un apel catre toti cei cu care ne cunoastem si ca si pina acum din jena mea de a va intreba daca vreti sa veniti in proiect, astept cu mare mare draag mesajul vostru. <3

#Amala – 20s-30s – female, edgy, almost crazy all the time, intense – top only nudity
#Gloria – 14-16 yo female – daughter of Amala, morbid passive violent type.
#John – 30s – male English speaking, the British husband of Amala – reasonable polite patient
#Morven – 20s 30-s male, contemplative, spiritual passive man
#Vilho – 40s – male, contemporary art curator and mafioso
#Paul – late 20s – heroin junkie type, assistant to Vilho the mafioso
#Omny – 20s-30s – female, shy, skinny, sick looking – with a small baby if possible
#TaxiDriver – 30s – muscular gang looking compassionate and a family man

small roles – #Mother 55s, #Father 55s, #PoliceOfficer 30s
professional or non-professional actors or artists interested in our direction of filmmaking

assistant producer/organizer – with car
costume designer
makeup – special effects – knife wounds, blood wounds, wild dirty
sound recording team

[all cast and crew must be interested in body metaphor and the poetics of intimacy]
[the script is free to read, either here or on my blog]
[please be sure to check our past projects before applying. it would be so nice to know something about my direction as film and art before wanting to join this project]

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