An amazing anti-review by Piotr MS

Piotr saw our film Beings from a post on the facebook group of the  artfilm site and wrote a great commentary on the yourube page of the film, then a beautiful serie of comments on the facebook post with my work. After a short time he deleted them, but fortunately they were all sent to my in the mail by fb and yt.
These commentaries on my films are utter against what I do but all of what he writes is true if we are aware of the essential difference in worldview between him and me. Everything that he sais no, and sais is bad, I see as good and affirmative.
So having that in mind I post here bellow the first of his commentaries. And at the end a link towards the more complex general art essay instigated by my films.

Do you know this long amazing scene from Greenaways “Baby of Macon”, which presents us with the alegory of an idiot – a naked man on a trapeze in a spasmatic inability to articulate, moaning and barking in a language-like manner, trapped in his disability, pitiful, grotesque, ugly, sublime, and ridiculous? This is the image of so called director of this movie I have in my mind. A dilletante, ignorant, oblivious, trapped in some kind of pop-nihilistic belief. A man impotent, clueless, without a vision, without a language, without any emotional depth, senseless, principial. His work, a piece of canonic kitch, ridicules the presumably raised topics into brainless mush. This cinema is anti-social and anti-human. Being independent does not mean being non-critical.

One would assume that in absence of authority in for of teacher a self-proclaimed director doubles his efforts to become his own master, his own teacher, in the noble art of self-eductation. Here we see the best example of this new type of human – who is trained by capitalist commodity fetishism to follow the post-modern logic of imitation without understanding, to become a mechanical reproductive organ of the official vacuity of capitalist system. For a real human, like f.ex. Paul Celan, the poet who survived the concentration camp, nihilism is a point of transformation, a wall from which we bounce in doubled efforts to re-create meaning for ourselves and others, to reignite the flame of community of language, education, art, thinking, human spirit. Celans poems are trasformative, deep, profound, perverse, full of intellectual life. In contrast to real spiritual nihilism of Celan, the modern pop-nihilism of wannabe directors like Stefanescu, whose brains were mauled permanently by the modern medial machine, there is no more effort, no more life necessary. The system will take his dead brain, his empty meaningless recordings of unstructured mutilated inarticulate primitive moments and swallow it with the same sensless suction. And the meal will be smooth, everything exactly the way commodity fetishism wants cinema to be – a effortless, thoughtless, meanigless reproduction of fashionable motifes. Stephanescu is a good editor, he has some basic photographic sense of composition. But he is not a director, and his productions are simply unbearably devoided of any positive aspect we expect in art. He is employed in destruction of cinema, destruction of society, destruction of any sort of humanism. A typical child of his times. Always asking, never answering, like an annoying child. Except he is not a child, he is a grown man, who clings to his childish stupidity, because nobody really cares what he does, as long as he takes his camera and pretends to do something. We thought the 90’s were the ultimate era of pretenders, but this, this is pretentious in such pornographic way, it’s almost annoying. This does not belong in Europe. This is an American level of crappyness. Seems like the americanisation of europe finally reaches the point where american kitch and european kitch are no longer distinguishable. What a day to be alive.

read more in his Art Essay based on my Artfilms, based on an antiview upon my filmwork

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