Art vs Art

People want Art to comfort and ease their fear of loneliness and meaningless fail at life.
That is why we have Culture.

And there is another thing, unfortunately also called #Art that wants People to confront their innate nature and brake free from Death from our terror of death and its absolute loneliness.

These two kinds of Art, actually divide People in two different kinds of human beings. Those that create and sustain societies for the sole reason of safety and comfort. And those that use their life to explore with their own body, mind and soul the inner windings of what ‘be’, ‘have’, ‘am’ might be and how they function and how they create perception, experience and life.

Art as Fear

People invented Art as a safety device – a Protected Space between self and the real dangerous objects. And dangerous is anything with a will of its own. Anything that can push us out of control, into danger and loss.
– animals, people, God, nature, destiny, desires, emotions, self
– social structure, moral demands, virtues

– drawing, sculpture, dramatic writing, film, dance, architecture, sports, games
Each represents a different kind of fear.
Each one is a different kind of Space where one can meet safely with his own fears.

People consume (meet) Art only there where their fears lie in.