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at 1 inch above ground

I am not interested in presenting men and women as they are, as reality makes them be, in their total reality.
I want to show the pure stratum of them. That inner side that didn’t, yet, get soiled by the human to human eternal stupid battle.
Now that I still can, that I still see the Pure Side of people, I need to form it, to describe it in some way.

My stories don’t show the things “as they are”, but the things in their deeper untouched isness. Is not magical or spiritual, is just something other, as simple and beautiful as any daily way of life.
The same, only at 1 inch above ground.

This inch is offensive, this inch can kill you, can scare you, can traumatize you if you are not open to it. This inch is superb but also so so so dangerous.


Culture is a pursuit of our total perfection by means of getting to know, on all the matters which most concern us, the best which has been thought and said in the world, and, through this knowledge, turning a stream of fresh and free thought upon our stock notions and habits, which we now follow staunchly but mechanically, vainly imagining that there is a virtue in following them staunchly which makes up for the mischief of following them mechanically

— Culture and Anarchy – Matthew Arnold