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truth lost in the process

Is traditional way of life connected with meaning and life only through responsibility, through the burden of desires, through the instinct of becoming apart of the norm? Does it have a deeper meaning? A connection with the soul or is just fake? A fake violently painted in righteousness.
I find so many arguments that proves me it is Fake.
But something tells me there is something there original truthful but lost in the process.

I am so afraid knowing that so easy one can create self sustainable worlds. Disconnected from the deep, from the soul, from the breath. From the magic.

Linear A – synopsis in english

Linear A is a story about an experimental noise music band made up of Linn (m) and Valerie (f).
They set up for a performance at an abandoned locks. Omondu (m), their friend films them, more against their will than being happy to be filmed and promoted by someone.
Somewhere far away, over the locks, during their performance, a young woman just lays around waiting to die of hunger and thirst. Hearing their noise she stands up and looks at them. Linn sees her and then Omondu who turns and films her.
After they stop singing, they leave without talking at all with her – Yba (f). But she runs after their car. Valerie stops the car and takes her with them. Linn doesn’t want her…
At their home, Omondu proposes to Linn and Valerie to make a porn film for money. Valerie leaves the room without answering and takes Yba with her, in the courtyard they play with their fingers in the earth.
In the house Omondu films Linn and annoys him with it, not letting him to write his poems. He has a few lines written Continue reading