VIETATI – DIY film project – post-cinema

Pregatim un alt film no-budget. A contemplative film where after a stroke, Eva crosses Life as crossing the Bardos towards rebirth, in another story exploring the inexistence of Death. 4 personaje in deep muted suffering. 4 personaje cu sufletul deschis in fata greselilor si abuzurilor bunatatii si dragostei celorlalti. Read more

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Post-Cinema is the cinema we do

Post-Cinema naturalisticnon-dramainternational in setting, culture, socialmeta in purposefocused on inner experience and turmoilimmersivemoodysmall It is another kind of performance, another kind of looking at a moving image. It is an image. The actor plays himself as acute and deep as he can. The characters have open hearts and vulnerable souls. Read more

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