Nature got Suicidal

Nature kills itself. We are part of nature. And we cant talk to her, there is no one there to understand why she does it. It is in our nature – and these days our nature is wrong – and we dint know why. Nature is a dieing suferind. All Read more

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We play on Incompatibility

I guess that one of the roots of it all is the natural incompatibility between people, coupled with their need to work, pleasure, survive together. This is how and why all the beauty arises. That is why all trouble rise. We are all incompatible with each other [ie. the refusal Read more

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june facebook notes and thoughts

I write a lot of unmade projects. de ce pornografia strica reputatia? de ce orice activitate sexuala publica strica o reputatie? ce este o reputatie de poate fi stricata astfel? pe ce se construieste o reputatie? oare pe aceleasi false si comune pretentiozitati? daca sint un mare pianist de concert, de ce nu pot sa apar intr-un film gay scat violent alegoric la lupta culturii impotriva violentei si vilificarii tandretei masculine? reputatie - este un minunat titlu de film impreuna cu titlul Ugly - la care ma tot gindesc astazi. multumesc Cosmin pentru thought provocation I still can't decide To learn guitar and music Or to explore it by myself Append to tradition and good/best ways - append to their goals and values and forms Or explore raw new unstable wrong ways? Humanity is not the purpose of life. But without humanity we couldn't miss the meaning of life. (more…)

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may facebook notes and thoughts

There are so much more important problems than the problems of the ‪#‎soul‬ Should we ignore them, of ignore the soul? Well... I guess we should ignore the thing that gives one, the least amount of pain and trouble. I often wonder if I would care for these stupid issues, if in my teens I would discover some kind of popular talent. I guess those that have nothing, remain with only their soul. Or become savage impotent angry animals. A true ‪#‎cult‬ movie never promotes itself, its just left for dead until it putrefies and after one or two generations is found again, now purified of all contextuality. A true cult film is found through wandering. Wandering on the way. It all comes from the belief that is direct communication is not necessary, that only by putting thing into existence, through consciousness into the meta will spread and fly into the world and rain onto everyone. ie: Tibetan prayers, Monastic Christianity, Theravada Buddhism, Taoism. There are some things that need to be told in ‪#‎silence‬. Cind ma gindesc ca peste 40 de ani nu o sa mai inteleg nimic din lume, si ca o sa ma raportez la zilele astea si la lumea asta de acum. Silly. Cinema is drifting out of Cinema I am getting further and further away from Cinema. I am starting not to understand it more and more. (more…)

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LIFE is BEAUTIFUL, my films are not

LIFE is BEAUTIFUL LIFE is filled with BEAUTY and LOVE Is only the humans, with their inner and inter human relationships that make it Ugly and Terrifying. And I wondered why? I always wondered why is that? And I got some answers: because of our self made fears, because the Read more

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april facebook notes and thoughts

There is a new world out there and it needs new stories. It needs a new, origin, raw, organic, mythology. There would be no Paul Klee if we all would strive to speak to each other in the same language. There would be no new ways, no new emotions, no perspectiva on our own world. We are in a continuous search for a better perspective, a wider view upon our immense complex inner/outher processual being. We live in a constant state of mild addiction. There is no rationality. When I write I disconnect from all is life. The refinement process has 90% waste. We follow those that do their thing with love. No matter what they do. Is a human weakness. Is a human bias. Those that find the way to do it with a lot of love. No matter what, evil, trash, noise, ugliness, violence, hopelessness, lies, beauty, meaning, truth. We are suckers for love. For love and sugar. (more…)

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I found myself more and more that I am mainly interested in ‪#‎sacred‬ art, in what gods do, in how gods are. And I begin to believe that gods are somehow our essence on which has grown the thick bush of this permanent dialogue with nature, with people, with the Read more

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I always thought myself somewhere between cinema and photography and painting. Somewhere between fiction and reality. Somewhere between real and emotional physics. Between Rational and Social logic. Somewhere between Western, Middle and Eastern cultures. Somewhere between Art and Entertainment. Between Weirdo and Normal. Between Life and Death. And I thought Read more

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Art vs Art

People want Art to comfort and ease their fear of loneliness and meaningless fail at life. That is why we have Culture. And there is another thing, unfortunately also called #Art that wants People to confront their innate nature and brake free from Death from our terror of death and Read more

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truth lost in the process

Is traditional way of life connected with meaning and life only through responsibility, through the burden of desires, through the instinct of becoming apart of the norm? Does it have a deeper meaning? A connection with the soul or is just fake? A fake violently painted in righteousness. I find Read more

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The New Help
Junkies act like People
Fix no Cure
No moving parts - thinking about the tape, vinil, cassete, cd - now the sd cards - tehnology changes thinking, ch philosophy
Normative (roles the World)
Mistical intuition of scientific truth
brain areas/function
Morphic fields
Murdered sounds
No days no months no years
24 degrees celsius
People are toys
Intelectual fallacy

Only the recorded life is fufilling
(real) - bidemnsional reality
Humanist concuktion
Surface level
The 3rd chapter
Life is electronic
person and Place
Character and action
Fear made me selfish
I like pink foods
Carcasse mentaal
Erotic contact
After effect
I am not one of you
Anal chamber
Fixed matrix of spheres

Izometric - care pastreaza distanta a doua puncte oarecare - contractie a unui muschi fara ca acesta sa se poata scurta, raminind la aceeasi lungime
Have a break
I am not one of you
Safety sucks
I wanna be a sitting duck
The body manipulates the mind
Falling of the table
The Cheruvim robot in Eden
Infundat in gind
Pain is consequence
The un-reality of real life
Un tuned society
Anxiety events
Don't be afraid of the ugly
My brain is not active
Unificarea creierului mama
Art as pet
Last noun

Xxx Safety sucks - used

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the Better World

All the good people want to make this world a better place. More beautiful and hopefully happier. But let us supose all the world has became beautiful. What now? How would the people think, feel, desire? What kind of people would be?Would the people see all as beauty. Or would Read more

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Post-Cinema is the cinema we do

Post-Cinema naturalisticnon-dramainternational in setting, culture, socialmeta in purposefocused on inner experience and turmoilimmersivemoodysmall It is another kind of performance, another kind of looking at a moving image. It is an image. The actor plays himself as acute and deep as he can. The characters have open hearts and vulnerable souls. Read more

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