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Genes vs Consciousness

People can’t believe in a religion with all their heart, can’t respect a system of law and order, can’t trust their own pleasures and fears, because all that they believe in is the all powerful deep and unconscious Gene – that is why in anthropology there is an oral unknown all powerful law, called the law of the land.

‪#‎Genes‬ are out most intimate guides and friends. They are our God and wisdom and truth. They are the only one we should trust.
Consciousness is too young in comparison. Is too wild and puerile. Gene’s Way is the Tao.

Consciousness will never be able to rewrite the Genetic code. It can only Scramble it, a bit. All modifications end in Death.
Genes self protection. They order suicide when they feel a strange force conquering their perfection.

Genes never experiment, never try things, they are all knowing all controlling, all perfect.
These days consciousness is their main enemy. Our lives are all developing in the middle of this total war.

Genes vs Consciousness.
Old vs Young.
Known vs Unknown.

LIFE is BEAUTIFUL, my films are not


LIFE is filled with BEAUTY and LOVE

Is only the humans, with their inner and inter human relationships that make it Ugly and Terrifying. And I wondered why? I always wondered why is that?
And I got some answers: because of our self made fears, because the way we learn about life, because of our wrong inner construction, because of the Social/Political organisation of our Human/Class life, because of our Perceptive-Meaning-Thinking melange.
And so my films and art are about this, about the difficult process that we need to undergo so that we can come back to life, or to understand it. Not to enjoy it, not to be happy, but just merely to experience it. Happiness has nothing to do with Truth, with direct touch of life.
So no Beauty.
Beauty is a Formal Trap. Because all Beauty falls under the Values and Mores of Commercial Consumerism.
Beauty is like gold, like gambling, like porn, like drugs, easy to do, and hugely in demand. No questions asked. Beauty for Consume.
And I don’t want people Blindly indulging in their drives. Never getting to ask themselves why. Not caring about the seller’s reasons. Not caring about the sellers reason to sell.
Consuming Mind and Soul Numbing Beauty and Love is Fake. Is Toxic.
Living in Beauty and Love is not beautiful, is tough and challenging and filled with suffering and sacrifice.
I dancing Ballet, is playing the Violin – not listening to it, not looking at a dancer.
I try to make films that give the spectators the experience of playing the Violin, filled with fear, joy and exploration, with not knowing if is good or bad, with not knowing that your best is meaningful in anyway – not the one of listening Idly the song. Not enjoyment. But awe and magic.

I believe that Life is Amazing and Beautiful and Magic but we as conscious humans have so many problems to cross in order to connect somehow to it. Even if we feel good inside, praised and accomplished or regretful and weak.
Good an powerful is never the proof of Truth. Is just the proof of human fallacies and bias.


I always thought myself somewhere between cinema and photography and painting. Somewhere between fiction and reality. Somewhere between real and emotional physics. Between Rational and Social logic. Somewhere between Western, Middle and Eastern cultures. Somewhere between Art and Entertainment. Between Weirdo and Normal. Between Life and Death.
And I thought I will be recognized as being all, but now I know better.
Everybody said – you are not one of us. 
And they are so right because all this time I only said –
I am not one of you.

Post-Cinema is the cinema we do


international in setting, culture, social
meta in purpose
focused on inner experience and turmoil

It is another kind of performance, another kind of looking at a moving image. It is an image. The actor plays himself as acute and deep as he can. The characters have open hearts and vulnerable souls. It is not what they do but what they feel. Is the story of a feeling.
Is narrative art that explores feelings in emotional form. Is not about behavior anymore. Is about the extension and expression of special feelings.
No more Love and Dread. Our inner universe is so much more than that.
Is not action, is only emotion.
The spectator is involved is not only shown something. He has to figure things out. He has to make his own mind.
There is no ending, no conclusion. All stories are open. For our lives are always open. Always surprising.
Is another kind of outlook on life.

PostCinema is the cinema we do.

Nobody wants to watch a QualiaFilm – manifesto

Art is for people that have money, or act as if they have them. People that need more than utilities and comfort. People that need complex, esthetic and sometimes challenging new things.


Nobody that has money or wants them will watch a QualiaFilm because we can’t show them anything beautiful in our films, we use only leftovers, trash an worn out objects.
No one that fears, respects or believes in Church and its Laws, because we brake the laws of decency and respect to test our ideas, feelings and relationships out there in the ‘open space’.
No one that fights and work for their house, food, children and social status, because our characters always want to brake free from their 8 to 5 life. They all want to find the Other Life. Toe one hidden behind our minds.
No one that loves and yearns to win, to have, to power and control, because we hate competition, without it we can open new doors or perception.

the gesture of looking

For me film is about the gesture of looking. About the feeling of looking at an unreachable point. Film/screen, moving image is touch.
Is a personal, emotional, point of view about forms. An exercise of reaching inside other people’s soul, beyond their own consciousness.
Beyond any form or object. Into its own otherness. Purity covered by the machine.

an answer or a question

Do you want to play beautiful roles in beautiful films? Or hardcore ones in trash films, painful and provocative?
Do you want to become a star, respected and loved by all. Or a free spirit, misunderstood and contested by all?
An answer or A question?


We all hide behind a Tool, a Craft, a Persona. No matter how hard we try, trough what kind of intervention, we can only recarve and change and rename our Tools. There is no way out, there is only a way in. And that Way is a silent one, a blind one.


My films blind the spectator.
My films are like drapes in front of drapes in front of drapes.

I do not want to seduce the spectator.
I leave the spectator alone in a jungle filled with dangers and repulsions.
Easily, very easily following him through his excruciating trip.

Acting as the Pure Pawn

Acting as an art form is a person’s representation of fear of being used, of the fact that your actions will harm yourself and act as aid, without your consent and knowledge, for another one.
Having no control over your actions.
Being a pawn. Deserving to be a king.
Acting, Performing is the Freedom out of acknowledging that you have no control,
into a Protected Space.
And through that, learning how to become a Pure Pawn, to find out what you can control, learning how to accept all lack of control,
and become fully a Pawn.
A pawn that can act himself so good, so pure that can become anything.
A Pure Pawn is as a King. There is no difference.

Art as Fear

People invented Art as a safety device – a Protected Space between self and the real dangerous objects. And dangerous is anything with a will of its own. Anything that can push us out of control, into danger and loss.
– animals, people, God, nature, destiny, desires, emotions, self
– social structure, moral demands, virtues

– drawing, sculpture, dramatic writing, film, dance, architecture, sports, games
Each represents a different kind of fear.
Each one is a different kind of Space where one can meet safely with his own fears.

People consume (meet) Art only there where their fears lie in.


“The only difference between an artist and a lunatic is, perhaps, that the artist has the restraint or courtesy to conceal the intensity of his obsession from all except those similarly afflicted.”
– Osbert Sitwell

at 1 inch above ground

I am not interested in presenting men and women as they are, as reality makes them be, in their total reality.
I want to show the pure stratum of them. That inner side that didn’t, yet, get soiled by the human to human eternal stupid battle.
Now that I still can, that I still see the Pure Side of people, I need to form it, to describe it in some way.

My stories don’t show the things “as they are”, but the things in their deeper untouched isness. Is not magical or spiritual, is just something other, as simple and beautiful as any daily way of life.
The same, only at 1 inch above ground.

This inch is offensive, this inch can kill you, can scare you, can traumatize you if you are not open to it. This inch is superb but also so so so dangerous.

Un film pictural – despre Dormi Trezeste-te

Pe zi si comentariu ce trece imi dau seama ca acest film este un film pictural. Un film care se explica ca o pictura prin relatiile dintre obiectele din cadru. Stiam ca omul acapareaza intreaga atentie si de aceea am insistat mult, foarte mult pe fiecare cadru, pe fiecare moment, ca privirea sa poata trece de om in lumea lui. In lucrurile care il inconjoara. In lumina si culorile alese. In texturi si emotiile inconjuratoare. Timpul diluat permite un studiu foarte detaliat al lumii personajelor. De ce sa aleg acele momente revelatorii din viata personajelor cind fiecare moment este revelatoriu. Ma uit pe strada la oameni si simt ca ii cunosc de o viata chiar daca ma insel, chiar daca cu fiecare clipa in care ma uit, omul din fata se schimba si se schimba din nou. Asta si poate pentru ca nu cred in omul fix. In omul cu personalitate, in El. Ci mai degraba cred in omul schimbator. In omul adaptabil si plutitor in lume.
Si filmul acesta este tot o incercare a mea de a descrie cu forme ultra realiste o lume ideala. Iar daca unii spectatori au spus ca aceasta lume au trait-o si o cunosc, ma bucura enorm, pentru ca asta inseamna ca aceasta lume ideala exista 🙂

Dar despre pictural vroiam sa vorbesc. Vroiam sa ajut pe cei care vad filmul sa stie ca linistea dintre cuvinte, obiectele din jurul oamenilor, oamenii ca obiecte, starile lor in relatie cu vintul care bate, vopseaua de pe peretei in relatie cu intunericul si cadrul usilor, cuvintele spuse ca scirtiitul mobilei, miscarile si dorintele la fel de importante si in dialog cu ferimele de lumina care ii inconjoara.
Omul este integrat in lume. Lumea nu este a lui, el este o parte, parte egala cu toate celelalte formatiuni ale realului, ale imaginarului. Toate firimiturile sint egale. Toate. Iar muzica vine din continuul dans intre formatiuni. Intre plasmuiri si disparitii. Intre schimbari si ramineri.
Un film despre dinamica punctului fix.

Si intr-adevar, de ce sa facem asa ceva? Asta nu stiu, odata ma incercat sa aflu dar se pare ca nu se poate afla inainte. Se poate numai descoperi ce poti face si doar mai apoi, mult mai apoi sa te uiti indarat si sa cauti un rost.
Constructia, constructia venita din deschidere, deja construita si folosita. Nu din voia unui om. Ci din cumulul nestiintei pure. Din idioata sinceritatea.