Now for everybody out there that wanted to see what I do in filmmaking today I’ve made a small showreel that recaps some of the films and videos I’ve made since 2008. Thank you all soo soo much for all your help, belief and sacrifice for these films to be made Read more

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SILENCE – series

It is a series composed out of at least 49 people/films/breaths/silences/gazes into an installation where there will be five simultaneous people gazeing at You the viewer. If you would like to participate please mail me at at

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Dormi Trezeste-te 2012 mediu metraj

Diana comes upset from work, next day she goes out to meet a guy to have sex with him. Their relationship is very weird and off-beat and even if they don’t like each other so much, they want to go into bed with each other. And then their relationship goes Read more

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