I thought about making a way of supporting Qualiafilm, by those that like our projects and want to help us to continue and so I made this Membership.

Our films don’t sell, and to be honest I would be very weary at the people wanting to buy my films. This way, the payed membership is a direct connection with you that like our films and ideas. And a much better solution than to get involved in the hassle that commercialism is.
All the money will be used within our projects. And from time to time I will post here on the blog what we’ve made with them, with your help.

This Membership will get you 50% OFF on all our Products.
And for those in the cities we make screenings will get you 75% OFF from the Ticket price.
And the most important is to get Special Access to the other videos we made. Our not so safe and not so welcomed projects.
So you will get a Premium glance at our Underground Projects of Video Art
And you will get the posts that will be hidden from all other non-members. Some of you already know about them.
With our Membership we want to protect our creations from the ones that are not serious about our art and to create a special Free Space to be able to share with you our World and Explorations into the unknown. Into the Soul of things.

Thank you so much,
Andrei Stefanescu