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Buy our Camera Mica film DVD and help us raise the money to film it.

Camera Mica – Cavity or Amala’s Obsession – is a story about a woman that returns to her home country Romania after starting a family life in Great Britain. Coming to visit her parents and showing them her new born girl is the beginning of a wild journey that transforms her from a middle class woman back into a wild passionate revengeful woman that she wanted to leave behind.
Another contemplative poetic film by Paul Stefanescu exploring the traits and human struggle to become and remain humans. To be more than ourselves, to fail or to derail outside everything real.

“BUCHAREST. The place of my nightmares. I hoped I’d never see it again.”


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We look for funds because some of our activities we cannot do without money, even though all our films are nobudget.

During filming some funds for food, gas, makeup, special props or locations to access them – some sound design in postproduction.

And of course for some promotion after the completion of the film, to spread the word


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