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Buy our Obscur film DVD and help us raise the money to film it.

Obscur It is a one hour long film about a chance meet between an immortal suicidal man and a paranoiac raped woman. Each one trying to use the other into fulfilling their existential, life-threading need to give meaning to an obligatory existence. [ +18 ]

Becoming an object is crazy, Mara tried to,
and became a demon.
Don’t try it Clara, please don’t try it.

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We look for founds because some of our activities we cannot do without money, even though all our films are nobudget.
Travel for international actors, because we are based in Romania a country that doesn’t have any tradition in undergournd filmmaking, and most of our actors are only theatre actors not interested in film. Even more in the underground.

Also during filmming some founds for food, gas, makeup, special props or locations to access them – some sound design in postproduction.

And of course for some promotion after the completion of the film, to spread the word

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